XuvTools is developed in a cooperative effort from:
  • Chair of Pattern Recognition and Image Processing [www]
  • Friedrich Miescher Institute for Biomedical Research [www]
  • Center for Biological Systems Analysis [www]


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 xuvpackage-lin.sh --verbose --version="​1.8.0"​ --beta="​11"​ xuvpackage-lin.sh --verbose --version="​1.8.0"​ --beta="​11"​
 # upload it for the Download page to catch up # upload it for the Download page to catch up
-rsync --verbose --progress $LMBSOFTSRC/​releases/​XuvStitch-1.8.0-beta10-* aldebaran:/​home/​www/​org.xuvtools/​pages/​data/​releases/​+rsync --verbose --progress $LMBSOFTSRC/​releases/​XuvStitch-1.8.0-beta11-* aldebaran:/​home/​www/​org.xuvtools/​pages/​data/​releases/​
 </​code>​ </​code>​
-The same works on Windows, by replacing "​xuvpackage-lin.sh"​ with "​xuvpackage-win.sh"​. 
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