XuvTools is developed in a cooperative effort from:
  • Chair of Pattern Recognition and Image Processing [www]
  • Friedrich Miescher Institute for Biomedical Research [www]
  • Center for Biological Systems Analysis [www]

Download XuvTools

Below you can find current downloads for XuvTools. This list is updated every hour. Note: Release dates are in the format Month/Day/Year.

32-bit versions are supplied for testing purposes only! For nearly all common scenarios the maximum amount of memory on 32-bit systems is too small. If you want to do serious stitching, :!: better use the 64-bit version :!:

Current Stable Release

Microsoft Windows

Windows XuvStitch-1.8.0-final-Win32.exe Date 12/01/2010 37 MB md5 c975b5b94d5a917d98eca713809c90e4
Windows XuvStitch-1.8.0-final-x64.exe Date 12/01/2010 38 MB md5 ec1b6aa3c448f91eb794167c4d88bbf8


Linux XuvStitch-1.8.0-final-Ubuntu-10.04-i386.tar.bz2 Date 12/01/2010 55 MB md5 7e818cf16ea68aeecf8d246231228009
Linux XuvStitch-1.8.0-final-Ubuntu-10.04-x86_64.tar.bz2 Date 12/01/2010 50 MB md5 b20a6d711d9033fc9b4a64c9f51be5bb
Linux XuvStitch-1.8.0-final-Ubuntu-8.04-i386.tar.bz2 Date 12/01/2010 54 MB md5 3eeeea3282a27591ddd1d7e8b2051363
Linux XuvStitch-1.8.0-final-Ubuntu-8.04-x86_64.tar.bz2 Date 12/01/2010 49 MB md5 4fce368b6ad5734ebab4097c28993198

Apple MacOS X

Apple MacOS X XuvStitch-1.8.0-final-MacOSX-10.6.5-x86_64.dmg Date 12/01/2010 23 MB md5 ad51cd228415ffe3a0d9f8fa9017531d

Latest Pre-Release (Beta)

Microsoft Windows

Windows XuvStitch-1.8.1-beta4-Win32.exe Date 05/21/2011 34 MB md5 f6061296ac828911dc6ee9b6eda7792e
Windows XuvStitch-1.8.1-beta5-x64.exe Date 05/26/2011 38 MB md5 da758a86e0b249cd5f0bdd21529615f7


Linux XuvStitch-1.8.1-beta4-Ubuntu-10.04-i386.tar.bz2 Date 05/21/2011 67 MB md5 5b8f5fa7b6fa9c3b1f18e7d6803c7ec0
Linux XuvStitch-1.8.1-beta4-Ubuntu-10.04-x86_64.tar.bz2 Date 05/21/2011 63 MB md5 67d06afd91a5d38e3e8f4a1fd03c27ab
Linux XuvStitch-1.8.1-beta4-Ubuntu-8.04-i386.tar.bz2 Date 05/21/2011 66 MB md5 8c320d00863834f81e2e82eb438a0d77
Linux XuvStitch-1.8.1-beta4-Ubuntu-8.04-x86_64.tar.bz2 Date 05/21/2011 62 MB md5 792aec2de3c90cfb31e78a19a69152aa
Linux XuvStitch-1.8.0-beta13-CentOS-5.5-x86_64.tar.bz2 Date 10/31/2010 57 MB md5 a249e1d0fc22f900da9bc0a97725487e

Apple MacOS X

Apple MacOS X XuvStitch-1.8.1-beta4-MacOSX-10.6.7-x86_64.dmg Date 05/21/2011 23 MB md5 e2a009b66430ff586eeea2b0effd1b4c

Previous Releases

The full list of releases (including outdated) is provided on the download_all page. Usage of old releases is discouraged, and should be done for reference only. Bug reports for old releases will likely be ignored.

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