XuvTools is developed in a cooperative effort from:
  • Chair of Pattern Recognition and Image Processing [www]
  • Friedrich Miescher Institute for Biomedical Research [www]
  • Center for Biological Systems Analysis [www]

Worm5 / C.elegans

C.elegans worm from public available testdata (by Peter Meister, FMI Basel)

worm5 stitched:

worm5 stitched

sxn3_w1RGB-488nm, sxn3_w2RGB-561nm / Mouse brain

Mouse brain (by Dominique Spirig, FMI Basel)

sxn3_w1RGB-488nm, sxn3_w2RGB-561nm stitched:

sxn3_w1RGB-488nm, sxn3_w2RGB-561nm stitched

To15100740xm / Neuron filaments

Neuron filaments from public available testdata (by Ivan Galimberti, FMI Basel)

To15100740xm stitched:

To15100740xm stitched

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