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 ===== XuvTools Gallery ===== ===== XuvTools Gallery =====
-==== worm5 / C.elegans ====+==== Worm5 / C.elegans ====
-C.elegans worm from [[:​docs:​Documentation|public available testdata]] (by Peter Meister, FMI)+C.elegans worm from [[:​docs:​Documentation|public available testdata]] (by Peter Meister, FMI Basel)
 worm5 stitched: worm5 stitched:
 {{:​screenshots:​xuvtools-1.8.0-beta2-worm5-2.png|worm5 stitched}} {{:​screenshots:​xuvtools-1.8.0-beta2-worm5-2.png|worm5 stitched}}
-==== To15100740xm ​Neuron filaments ​====+==== sxn3_w1RGB-488nm,​ sxn3_w2RGB-561nm ​Mouse brain ====
-Neuron filaments from [[:​docs:​Documentation|public available testdata]] ​(by Ivan Galimberti, FMI)+Mouse brain (by Dominique Spirig, FMI Basel)
----- +sxn3_w1RGB-488nm, sxn3_w2RGB-561nm stitched: 
-To15100740xm ​raw data (unstitched):​+ 
 +{{:​screenshots:​xuvtools-1.8.0-beta2-sxn3_w1rgb-w2rgb-2.png|sxn3_w1RGB-488nm,​ sxn3_w2RGB-561nm stitched}} 
 +==== To15100740xm ​/ Neuron filaments ====
-{{:screenshots:1.7.0-beta2-to15100740xm-1.png|To15100740xm raw data (unstitched)}}+Neuron filaments from [[:docs:Documentation|public available testdata]] ​(by Ivan Galimberti, FMI Basel)
 To15100740xm stitched: To15100740xm stitched:
 {{:​screenshots:​1.7.0-beta2-to15100740xm-2.png|To15100740xm stitched}} {{:​screenshots:​1.7.0-beta2-to15100740xm-2.png|To15100740xm stitched}}
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